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Myth of Ivaar

IdaBarieva 1-04-2018, 08:33 897 Книги / История магов

If you think you know everything about the creation of the Universe - you are wrong. Probably, you have a watch on your wrist. Do you know what it measures? Do you strongly believe in history books, facts, and evidence? In this case, your knowledge of the world is outdated.
What and who do you believe in? What doctrines do you use to manage your life? Don’t you think it’s time to take another outlook and listen to yourself after that? What would you hear?
The story’s genre is defined as fantasy, but it’s not quite fantasy. Even not quite a myth. Moreover, I wouldn’t say it is entertaining literature, although inquisitive-minded readers would be able to find a lot of interesting in it. I just find it difficult to say what it is. Maybe, those who provided me with information for writing know it. Or maybe, you know?

Translation of the book "Myth of Ivaar" is completed... Video and short description are completed as well.
Book can be found at "Myth of Ivaar" - Amazon

Video - no sound for now.

Chapter 1. I want to tell you how the Universe was created
Chapter 2. In the beginning, there was no beginning
Chapter 3. A trap with no exit
Chapter 4. Worlds inside worlds
Chapter 5. Foreseeing everything
Chapter 6. History undoing, and what happens after it
Chapter 7. Ivaar

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you. All they show is limitation. Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you’ll see the way to fly.
(Richard Bach)

If you expect the book to explain every trifle, this story is not for you as well if you appreciate the form more than the content. If you adore patterns, stereotypes and only things with a long-term formal background - why do you need superfluous knowledge? Whom is this story for? It is for those who want to know the very beginning, the course of history and the forecasts. It is for those who want to read about people, gods, and mages, about matters and strange formulas of the universe. We can say, it is for looking into an alternative branch of the worldview and thinking about it. The forecasts can come true or not. It depends on you as well. And if someone says that you cannot change anything, do not believe. Because it is now when you can change everything. But do you want to?
What else can I say? The world is imperfect, but if it were perfect, if we were perfect, if everything were invented and done not to let anything new ever happen, and even dreams were left in the past ... are you sure this world would be perfect?
The book is a tribute to two mysterious informers, a person who helped me to write this myth and all people without exception.
Best regards,
Ida Barieva

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